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Topic 01

LED Structure Miniaturization

MicroLED, as the name suggests, is to miniaturize the structure of the LED by removing the LED package and substrate, so that the size of the LED device can be reduced to less than 50μm. A major feature of MicroLED is that the LED substrate is removed, leaving only the epitaxial film, which provides the MicroLED chip that is light, thin and short. It can be used for mass transfer production and also meet the pixel size of various displays.

Topic 02

Mass Transfer Process

The MicroLED display combines the technologies of LED miniaturization and arraying, and directly mass transfers and bonds the MicroLED chips to the driving backplane, which has circuit structure design.
Ordinary LEDs can only be used in large video walls due to their large size, while micron-scale MicroLED chips can be used in watches, mobile phones, cars, computer screens, TVs, AR/VR and other applications in various sizes and fields.

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Topic 03

When MicroLED adopts different driving technologies, it can be applied in different fields

MicroLED on TFT


Using TFT-driven PixeLED Display technology, transparent displays, curved PixeLED Films, and various common display applications can be made.

MicroLED on PCB


Using PCB-driven PixeLED Matrix technology, it can be borderless tiling into PixeLED Tile displays of any size and aspect ratio

MicroLED on Silicon


Using μ-Pixel LED technology driven by silicon chip, with ultra-high brightness and ultra-fine picture quality, it can be used in AR glasses and projection HUD

Topic 04

Chip On Carrier (COC)

In the production of MicroLED display, it is necessary to transfer the three-color chips of R/G/B from their respective epiwafers to the temporary substrate, and arrange the chips to the correct position according to the pixel size of the display, so as to facilitate the process subsequent mass transfer process. This already arranged temporary substrate, called COC (Chip On Carrier), is a key process in Micro LED production.

Topic 05

Micron-sized MicroLED Chips

MicroLED, with its micron-scale chips, plus high brightness and high reliability, can make transparent displays with high transparency. This feature of Micro LED enables various transparent display applications to be realized.

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