“Humanity” is what we emphasize to operate ! We insist integrity, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence as our core value ! Now we are looking for you who recognize what we do as well. Please join us , learn with us and develop with us.


Join us

With the growing and upgrading of technology, we need new partners to be with us. We welcome talents with different background to join us. As long as you have the same passion to pursue excellence like we do.Please check the link below  for detail explanation.


Learn with us

We provide internal and external training course for new coming. For all the newcomers, we provide related  training for system operation, organization recognition…etc. which will be familiar with the work environment easily. In addition, we provide correspond on-job-training for the colleague who’s in need.

Develop with us

As a developing company, we not only provide our peers with continuous learning opportunities, but also a corresponding development stage to enable our colleagues to develop their talents, and to be more proactive and outstanding.


In addition to complying with the basic norms of the law, we attach more importance to the balance between work and life. Therefore, we provide diverse and flexible welfare, good environment for colleagues and leisure activities after work. To ensure the physical and mental health of the colleagues and a happy working life.

1.Fancy environment

In the textured office, we provide comfortable and relaxing working conditions including unlimited snacks and multiple magazine spaces, where colleagues can fully communicate, discuss, stimulate and collide different ideas.

2.Complete welfare

We emphasize all the voices of our members, and the ideas exchange. Thus, the company team regularly discuss the company’s welfare policy, flexibly provide proper welfare programs to different types of job. The benefits are as follows:


  • Holiday bonus- (according to the company's operating conditions)
  • Job allowance
  • Wedding and funeral allowance


  • Annual leave


  • Happy Party reunion
  • Unlimited snacks and drinks

Healthy welfare

  • Gym allowance
  • Healthy examination and insurance

Special Activity

  • Festival activities (Mid-Autumn festival-BBQ、Christmas-gift exchange…)


  • Club allowance : encourage employees to establish leisure club for fun (ex: KTV…)
In order to create a wonderful environment for job, what we provide are all designed elaborately. Nonstop will we keep on upgrading and adjusting for every “PlayNitrider”. Come on and join us to light up the future. (click the link below for detail)